Why are people introvert?

I always had a question in my mind, why some people are so introvert? I asked my friend, she replied: “They lack confidence and usually they are shy natured person. They do hear others opinions and feelings but never share of their own”. She answered my question but at the same time, she expanded my queries and doubts regarding introvert.

She reflected negativity from her answers. Hence I decided to do research and learn more regarding “Introvert“. Even though I’m not a perfect researcher but as per my skills I got to know something regarding the topic.

What is Introvert?

The term introvert comes from the Latin word meaning “inward“. It means the person turning inward or the one focused more on internal thoughts whereas Extrovert refers to those people who are enthusiastic, talkative and socially active people.

Introvert and extrovert are a kind of personality traits which are exactly opposite from each other. Introverts get vitalized with oneself and being alone whereas extroverts get exhilarated being with others and spending time with many people. 

There are many misconceptions regarding Introvert personality trait. Some people judge introverts as a shy natured person whereas some people conclude saying them a socially anxious person.

In my opinion, being introvert means limiting your space and the people around you. In fact, being introvert is not a choice but a compulsion. You’re not really introvert with the people you trust, enjoy their company and love being together with them.

Introvert people also want to share their feelings and thoughts but at the same time they do have trust issues or in other word they are choosy. They choose a perfect partner to share their feelings.

Basically, they doubt whether the person with whom they share their internal thoughts gives importance to their shared feelings or don’t give sufficient attention. Another reason behind humans introvert behavior is, they don’t find it necessary to express their feelings and share their views and internal thoughts with every people surrounding them and hence love to remain within small space, i.e. with those people with whom they don’t have any kind of trust issues.

Either introvert or extrovert, it’s a kind of human nature and every human have their own kind of nature. Some people misinterpret introverts saying “Two-Faced people”.Introverts choose their friends wisely.

Usually, they are over-thinkers. They don’t always find the right person to share their internal feelings in comparison to extroverts,they share their feelings with oneself hence introverts are quite as well. They try to avoid crowd place and ignore unwanted people from their life. Sometimes they get isolated too but on the other hand, they build up the power to deal with their problems on their own, develops independence as well generate new ideas. They find pleasure with their own company.

In fact, they crave for maintaining privacy. They don’t really want to consume their time sharing their problems with others as they know owns inner decision and satisfaction matters the most rather than others opinion and the third person can never take your things as seriously as you do. They too don’t want to spend time consulting and arguing with others.

Hence, being introvert is not a bad thing. Misinterpreting it as a shy natured person and “Two-Faced people ” is wrong, It’s a kind of personality trait and human nature.

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