A Dream Coat – From Dream to Reality

In the process of growing, along with physical and mental development, We all originate own kind of aims and dreams which we want to fulfill or achieve in our life. In the same way, I too had a dream.

I grew up with an aim to be a doctor in my life. Since a very young age, I had a dream to be a doctor. Till now I couldn’t specify whether I was in love with the profession or with the white coat and the stethoscope that doctors put on around their neck.

A Dream Coat - From Dream to Reality

But probably I think my craze was towards doctors uniform and the stethoscope around their neck because it was my fantasy to be a doctor since very early childhood when I was unlettered regarding the profession, since the age when I was unaware that the thing around doctors neck is called stethoscope and the white coat is called an apron. I also believe that children’s future goal and sight depends upon the family and the members where and how they are nurtured.

However, I and my parent’s ambition were identical. They too wanted me to choose a medical career. As I grew older and after completing my school and college, due to some reasons I declared to study B.Sc.Nursing. However, it was the same medical sector and perhaps there was no change in direction.
When I begin my course, I was extremely excited to learn thinking that it’s my dream job and I’m very near to achieve my target.

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Every day I used to feel so proud and enthusiastic to go to the college. However, I used to consider myself a fortunate human being as I was lucky enough to fulfill my dream and proceed to the same track which I used to fantasize about(wish for). Although since my childhood my dream was to wear a white coat (apron), use a stethoscope but when the day arrived to do the same, I was quite anxious.

I have no idea how others feel but I used to perceive a very strange feeling, a kind of fear(a combination of excitement and nervousness) whenever I used to see the apron. I still remember the first day of my hospital posting.

It was the day when I wore my DREAM COAT for the very first time. A very strong, strange and mixed feeling full of emotions and fear and to be true ofcourse some superior feelings as well.

In the first-year course, we learned some basic things, obviously, now these things are basic for me but during those beginning days, those basic things used to be the toughest ones. Whenever I try to remember the initial nursing school days, the first thing that strikes my mind is to learn to measure blood pressure and to monitor vital signs.

The day when I learned measuring blood pressure was the most memorable day, I felt like I learned everything because I was using a stethoscope. When I used to return home from college I used to monitor my parent’s bp as well and share my learning experiences. My parents too were proud and happy seeing my happiness and daily achievement.

As days passed out I completed my nursing studies and now I’m a professional Nurse who wears apron every morning when she goes to her workplace. Those things which I used to crave to learn and achieve are my life now, which I perform in my daily life.

It was not only a matter of completion of the course and getting paid from a job, in fact, it was also a dream that came true. Although wearing a white coat and using a steth is common for me these days, but the feelings and love for a white coat and stethoscope are still the same.

Sometimes I get anxious thinking that once it used to be a dream but today it is my real life where I’m experiencing my dreams. Shortly, it is a dream that came true.

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