I always wanted to write something…

Sometimes we really get confused about what to write, how to start, but we want to write something even though we don’t know the topic. It happens to me, not for a single time but several times. I always wanted to write something especially when I get free, and yes now I am completely free as I have been spending my whole time at my home.

I have completed my bachelor’s studies and waiting for a call for job impatiently. Many times I feel that I need to utilize my time properly instead of spoiling it by chatting and scrolling newsfeeds on Facebook,  Instagram and Twitter and every time I turn on my laptop for the purpose of writing an article.

I always wanted to write something but my mind gets completely blank at that particular moment. I try to search topics on internet related to nursing and other things as well and yes I do remember some lines on few random topics but after a while, my mind sounds “error loading your thoughts…” haha.. but even though I face such issues, I always wanted to write something.

As I mentioned above I always face the problem to begin writing as well as in the selection of topic on what to write and hence, as usual, today also I faced the same problem and I ended up my writing in this way. But trust me, I always wanted to write something.